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The Fort Knox Syndrome
The conventional risk model used in IT security is that of a link chain. The system is seen as a chain of events, where the weakest link is found and made stronger. But this approach is bound to fail.

HIPAA-compliance is
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NMA Tech Notes
The NMA Tech Notes, a work-in-progress by our staff and collaborators, provide a fresh exploration in various areas of current and emerging IT security technology and compliance.

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HIPAA Secure Email

Free for Patients: Free, HIPAA-Compliant Patient-Physician Email

ZSentry enables Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook and other clients to comply with HIPAA and HITECH Safe Harbor today. Free for patients.

The ZSentry advantage: Foolproof regulatory compliance and mobility with no changes. Includes free secure quick reply and more choices for secure communication than any other product in the market.

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(Audience: CIO, IT professionals, security and application developers, SaaS developers.)

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