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Software as a Service - Cloud Computing

SaaS ("Software as a Service"), usually provided online in what is called "cloud computing", is a recent and very successful model for software distribution and sales. With SaaS, customers do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it from web servers. Also known as On-Demand or hosted software, SaaS has many benefits for enterprise customers over installed solutions, including:
  • Much lower cost of deployment
  • Much lower cost of operation
  • No download, no installation, practically zero set-up time
  • Automatically updated
However, SaaS, has a major vulnerability regarding the customers' data at the web servers providing the service. The vulnerability includes both technical and business issues.

Web browsers, used to access SaaS applications, are limited in their security model, SSL implementation, process automation, usability, and integration of functions with other applications, and are also limited in their graphical user interface.

NMA's ZSentry™ Technology was developed to solve both the vulnerability of user data in online servers and the dependence on web browsers to access SaaS applications, while also working with current web browsers.

ZSentry works with any operating system, and any platform (desktop, web, mobile), providing a versatility that can help you make the best of any market opportunity that you may encounter.

With ZSentry, customers can embrace "cloud computing" but do not need to give up on their existing desktop systems or IT infrastructure, nor necessarily store their data in the "cloud", as customers can keep using whatever they are using today, including local storage that they can physically control.

ZSentry can be directly applied to improve the conventional SaaS model to what we call SaaS-ST™, where "ST" stands for Sans-Target™.

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