The Fort Knox Syndrome
The conventional risk model used in IT security is that of a link chain. The system is seen as a chain of events, where the weakest link is found and made stronger. But this approach is bound to fail.

HIPAA-compliance is
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Network Middleware Applications™
Secure Communication Convergence
ConvergenceWhat is NMA about?
NMA solutions are Network Middleware Applications™, creating a communications layer facilitating secure communication convergence. NMA solutions allow applications to interact across different environments by means of secure network services.

How is this done?
We implement the NMA layer with a secure Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) located as a middleware between your business processes and the infrastructure needed to execute them. The infrastructure may be provided on-site and on-demand by means of "cloud computing" and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The NMA ZSentry™ technology is an NMA solution.

What is middleware?
Middleware is a general term for a programming capability that serves to mediate between two separate and usually already existing programs, enabling enhanced functionality. Middleware allows different programs to communicate and interwork without changes.

Can I use it today?
Yes. NMA provides on-demand services using the proprietary NMA ZSentry™ security technology. Unlike other on-demand offers, services can securely use password login, are not limited to web browsers and eliminate data storage liability.

What is NMA ZSentry?
NMA ZSentry creates a secure and seamless flow of information from conventional applications to business processes throughout the enterprise and beyond. ZSentry enables organizations to unlock the potential of their infrastructure and increase the return of existing investments. ZSentry has been available since 2004 as ZSentry Mail (Zmail) Basic, and since 2011 as a paid service called ZSentry Premium. ZSentry Basic is now a free service that can be enabled by ZSentry Premium users for their recipients, so that it is always free to reply securely. ZSentry Premium and Basic are trusted worldwide with millions of secure ZSentry messages, working across any operating system (Windows, Mac, Unix) and any platform (desktop, web, tablet, mobile).

Microsoft Outlook using NMA ZSentryNMA ZSentry example. Outlook® can send and read full-featured ZSentry Mail messages. No plug-in or download. Works with all Outlook versions, Windows Mail, Apple Mail and Thunderbird. Features include third-party verified US NIST timestamp, verified delivery, expiration, digital signature, read/reply control options, secure archiving, and ebilling. No registration required to read and reply. Outlook can automate always sending secure ZSentry messages for emails received at a given mailbox, so that sensitive communications are protected by default. Try ZSentry >>

How does ZSentry improve client and server security?
NMA ZSentry eliminates attack targets in servers and clients, such as usercodes, passwords and user keys, which keys are used to encrypt and de-identify user data. Only upon login with the correct usercode and password (which are not present in the server or client) can the user files be identified, decrypted and read. NMA ZSentry is a next-generation security technology that long at last allows server and client-security to become less relevant.

Is this new?
This is a ground-breaking approach. Five years have been spent with field validation, listening to users and experts and building on this technology to create much improved usability, security, versatility, reliability and convenience when compared to other SOA approaches.

Why is it ground-breaking?
The focus is no longer on security versus usability, or the least security one can suffer. For example, in the name of usability, the practice of using only a web browser as providing your access to SaaS or the "cloud". Web browsers are limited in their security model, SSL implementation, process automation, usability, and integration of functions with other applications, and are also limited in their graphical user interface. Using web browsers for access to SaaS usually also requires new investments.

What's the new focus?
In an ever more demanding business environment, the focus is on increasing the return of existing investments. The network middleware approach of ZSentry provides extreme integration simplicity with remarkable potential for increasing the return of existing investments, including staff training. ZSentry services work with existing, familiar applications, in desktop systems and phones.

So it's a plug in?
No! There is no plug-in or installation. It is standards-based, using SSL/SMTP and HTTPS as needed. Customers do not need to abandon their desktop systems, which they have learned to trust and know how to use well (including Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Excel, Word), nor their existing IT infrastructure. Customers can embrace "cloud computing" and SaaS but do not need to necessarily store their raw data in the "cloud". Customers can keep using whatever they are using today, including local storage that they can physically control.

And if I want to work on the web or with my mobile phone?
You can too. ZSentry also works with current web browsers and mobile devices. Moreover, ZSentry works across any operating system (Windows, Mac, Unix) and any platform (desktop, web, mobile), providing ease of use, security and versatility to help you make the best of any market opportunity that you may encounter. Even those who don't have access to the enterprise network or can use an email application but can use Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, for example, can still participate securely.

How does that affect my business?
The NMA focus on cross-platform desktop, mobile and Internet communications can become a key enabler to maintain a competitive advantage and grow your business. Disconnected business processes and applications can now become key assets in a renewed IT environment and generate higher returns on existing investments. Moreover, your staff need not learn anything new, or a new paradigm. After account setup, they can work entirely on a familiar office application such as Outlook.

How does NMA security compare?
We consider usability to be the #1 security feature, because if a system is not usable then users will either use it poorly, and insecurely, or not at all. ZSentry compares qualitatively better to conventional information security technologies PKI/X.509, PGP and IBE (Voltage) in terms of both security and usability.

Why should these other technologies not catch up?
We prefer to see this question in apposition terms, not opposition. ZSentry can work in conjunction with and extend these technologies, for those business already using them.

I want to learn more, what do I do?
You will find specific articles and web pages at this site. We are also at your disposal to help you identify new ways to enable your organization to unlock the potential of your infrastructure and increase the return of your existing investment.

What do you recommend?
That depends on what your needs are. This technology covers many areas. A number of ZSentry services are available on-demand, including free offers for tests. On-site and customized ZSentry services can be promptly developed upon request. Please contact us using our Support Center to see what NMA can do for small and medium businesses, large enterprises, K-12 and higher education, and government agencies.

NMA SSL SMTP Interface
(for developers)

Try ZSentry Zero (Client API interface): NMA ZSentry Zero is an API interface for clients. It is a middleware that transparently and without plugins uses the SSL SMTP service to communicate securely between Mail clients, Cloud apps, and ZSentry.

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